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Johannesburg and Sun City in South Africa

When the weather is hot in summer in many regions around the world, it is usually cold and raining in South Africa. The country also hosts a wonderful mixture of various scopes including an ocean, mountains, forests, deserts, and everything else tourists who travel to South Africa might think of!

Today we will be exploring some of the most popular touristic cities and destinations that grab the attention of tourists who spend their vacations in South Africa.

The City of Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest city and the third largest city in terms of population in Africa, after Cairo and Lagos. The city is featured with many shopping centers like Sandton Shopping Center,

one of the largest areas that offer many shops and stores. Featured with the Mandela Square, with the statue of the famous leader and struggler, the Mandela Square is popular among many travelers who tour South Africa.

There is also the Golf Reef City that is considered the largest and most popular park in Johannesburg. Guests enjoying their holidays would take a train for a wonderful ride in one of the gold mines that is 720 feet deep where they are able to view the raw gold and how it is being extracted.

Guests should never miss visiting the Carlton Center in Johannesburg, the tallest and most popular skyscrapers in the city.

The other attractions of the city include The Supreme Court; the constitutional court of the country, the African Museum, famous for its wonderful African crafts and displays, and the Johannesburg Zoo where visitors can view the rare white lion and many other wild life animals.

The Sun City

Back in 1980, the famous millionaire and contractor, Sol Kerzner, was riding an airplane over South Africa where he saw the ruins of a huge palace. He decided to make his dream come true and revive the city that once flourished in this area that became one of the most popular touristic destinations for travelers who spend their holidays in South African these days.

Although Kerzner was criticized when he first began his project, he was able to build the Sun City, one of the largest and most luxurious resorts in the whole world. Located 187 kilometers away from Gohansberg, many travelers who tour South Africa love to stay in this marvelous deluxe hotel featured with the highest standards of facilities and services. This is in addition to the experience itself blending the myth of the ancient city with the modernity of today!

Enjoy vacations in South Africa and explore the Lazy River in wonderful boat rides. There is an artificial beach in this area that produce waves that is around 2 meters in height every 90 seconds.

Travelers touring South Africa who are fond of culture and heritage would surly enjoy their visit to the Cultural Village, the Butterfly World, the Bridge of Time, and the Kwena Gardens where the beauty of nature mix with the culture and the spirit of South Africa.

Experience a horse ride and go for a trip in the wild life to view the lions, giraffes, elephants, and tigers yet in the safest environment ever. These types of tours would delight travelers spending their holidays in South Africa from all ages, as it is quite awesome and represent a memorable experience.


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