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Moscow City Breaks

Not many will think of visiting Moscow because it has never been popular as a hot tourist spot. However, if you visit here once, you will curse your stars for not coming here earlier. Moscow city break will be a memorable event in your life. You will have to admit that Moscow is breathtakingly beautiful with its cities and villages.

The brochure that are distributed by the tourist organizers are a bit different from the real Moscow you will come to see. The brochures will contain a sound architectural Moscow with ornate churches and crowns, huge domes, swirling minarets etc. You will not see the concrete tower blocks built during the communist era.

The historical and geographical heart of Moscow is The Kremlin. It is surrounded by pedestrian streets. To beat the heat one place you can think of is Ivan the Great’s city within a city. The pastime is to watch people while sipping tea in one of the many tea houses. You can also find hawkers and buskers selling various articles. Cultured visitors are drawn to the night ballet and opera here.

City break in Moscow is incomplete without a trip to the Red Square. Unlike its name, it is neither red nor square in shape. It is Moscow’s centrepiece. Things that will enthral you are the indigestible wealth contained in a Faberge egg, and Lenin’s mausoleum.

Moscow has a strong relationship with the past of the Soviet. Though Stalin’s seven sisters still ring the city, many communist beliefs are forgotten. The graveyards of the monuments that have fallen are an eerie sight and it includes those of Stalin and Brezhnev.

Today, Moscow is very different and is waiting to show off all that it has. To make Moscow tourist friendly and attract tourists, the government has opened a tourist information centre and also has established a tourist police force to protect and assist visitors. Another way to attract the tourists is to embrace the power of smile. The government is encouraging the glum faced Muscovites to smile a while and encourage tourists. If you looking out for city breaks in Moscow, then come here with an open mind, give yourself enough time and discover the beautiful city.

So, there’s lot more in Moscow for you. At the south of Moscow, is the magical St. Basil’s Cathedral. The magnificent and swirling multicoloured domes are a treat for the eyes. It is more attractive in the snow. And the other end of the square is the Lubyanka prison and the former KGB home.


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